Classic Residency has carefully designed all its home with smart home features, where each and every corner of home is under your close surveillance, monitoring and controlling. As many smart devices, entertainment system, lights, security features, home appliances as you want can be connected to the system and you can enjoy the smart home features in a serene environment.

Smart Home

About Classic Residency.

Our community housing project is spread across 35 ropanis area, where 84 stand-alone smart homes are going to be built. Adhering to new housing policies and standards laid out by Nepal Government, these individual houses will be earthquake resistant, environmentally friendly and with a lot of open space to deliver you a luxurious modern lifestyle.





Classic Residency is located at one of the most convenient locations nearby all major facilities like Nepal Cancer hospital just 1km away, B&B Hospital at the distance of 1.8km and Nepal Mediciti Hospital at 4.4km distance and the best schools and colleges within the territory of 2km.


As quoted by Norman Foster, “As an Architect you design for the present, with an awareness of the past, for a future which is essentially unknown.” Our design team are inspired by those lines and have built homes to justify your dream home also taking care of Vastu Shastra.


Classic Residency gets you a community with a feeling of fellowship with others and the community that share common attitudes, concern and purposes. Classic Residency offers you a community that will add colors in your existence and a sense of long-term belongingness.

Built Quality

Classic Residency values the lives of our customers. Hence, we build par excellence home for you without compromising in the quality and making sure it is the safest place to live in even in the times of natural crisis. Our Earthquake resistant RCC frame structure will give you full sense of security.

Futuristic Living/ Smart Home

In this era of competition, time is an asset. Our futuristic living/Smart Home technology will save you some productive time to focus in your life goals and support you live a carefree life. Classic Residency facilitates you with a magic to control with the punch of the finger even if you are miles away.

Confidence on Developers

You can count on Classic Residency. We care for our customers and continue to sustain their confidence on us in terms of services we have been delivering for years. Classic Residency stands as a reliable Developer for years and continues its legacy with full confidence.



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